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The 2018 April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop on Wildcat Hill!

The 2018 April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop on Wildcat Hill!

We had such an amazing workshop last weekend here on Wildcat Hill! Our 9 participants were enthusiastic, creative, and produced some stunning images over the two days of shooting. Our 3 models, Sekaa, Sarah, and Monique brought the whole weekend together with beautiful posing and as always, creating a wonderful atmosphere to create art in.

Desert Figure Workshop 2016

Desert Figure Workshop 2016

Kim, Zach, and Annabelle returned yesterday afternoon from the Desert Figure Workshop with Mark Comon where they spent four and a half days photographing, enjoying the sun, and making new friends with the incredibly talented workshop participants. 

Nude Workshop in Andalusia, Spain

Sotogrande Spain - Group Workshop by Miguel Soler-Roig

Just sitting back in our patio with a few minutes to reflect on our Spain and France adventure. I managed to develop 75 rolls of film. That’s only 750 frames and I bracket my exposures. Maybe we are talking 300 photographs, with many being group shots and fun exposures. We are talking 200 photos for 3 weeks.

Kim Weston - Developing 75 rolls of film from Spain

Kim Weston - Photographing in Madrid Spain 

This adventure that Miguel Soler-Roig, Gina and I came up with over drinks at Paris Photo 2013 was a far in the future idea. When Miguel said it was a go he had secured the locations and lodgings, the workshop became like a time lapse photo of a rose bud opening. We wanted 2 of our models to accompany us, Larva and Sara. Miguel, Gina and I agreed. To go that far and not to have models that I knew and who could work with our students that may not have ever photographed nudes before, Sara and Larva were a must.

Kim Weston - The Alhambra in Granada

Back to Spain, it’s hard to even define the work that Miguel and Gina did to pull this off. But I must say it was the greatest life-changing workshop I have ever experienced. I was not only with Miguel a teacher, but a participant in a life changing experience, through the culture, history, cuisine, friendships and artistic work.

Madrid Spain Workshop by Miguel Soler-Roig

The whole trip boils down to one of our last nights together around the dinner table maybe 1:30 or 2:00 am. We all looked into each other’s souls remembering this crazy 7 days we spent together as a family of artists, a family of friends. And we realized this would never happen again. With great comfort we understood what just happened. Miguel rose his glass and said, “Who is up for next year?” We all cheered and signed up. For next time old friends, new ones we will make a completely new adventure. More to come about our adventures to Jaen, Ronda, Granada, Sotogrande, Seville and Arles.....

Kim Weston in Finland 2013 - New Photos Added


We just landed in Helsinki today, we were picked up by Kirmo Wilen and now we are in his country home in Parikkala. Tomorrow we will go sight seeing around this area and head on up north to Kuusamo to the Nature Photography Festival. I will be adding photos to this gallery through the next several weeks so keep checking in to see what has been added!

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