The Center for Creative Photography Visits Wildcat Hill!

The Center for Creative Photography
Representing on Wildcat Hill!

We had the pleasure of having Becky Senf, the Chief Curator, and Anne Barrett, the Director, of The Center for Creative Photography on Wildcat Hill today! It was really great to meet Anne and to see Becky again.

We spent the morning around the fire catching up and talking about the new and exciting things happening with both The Center for Creative Photography and The Weston Collective! Since it was Anne’s first time to the property, Kim gave her a tour of the house and talked about all the historic artifacts placed around the house, most still in the same spot as when Edward was living here.

After the tour of the house and darkroom and after signing Edward’s original guestbook, we toured the rest of the property. We showed Anne and Becky Bodie House, the gallery, Kim’s darkroom and studio, and the vegetable garden. We were blessed with a warm and clear morning. It was a truly fun and inspiring morning and we can’t wait to make a trip to Tucson to visit The Center for Creative Photography.

Becky did a great lecture at The Center for Photographic Art in Carpenter on Saturday where she discussed how she finds artists in todays market, curatorial projects she has spearheaded and her new book coming out in 2020 on Ansel Adams!