The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Group Setting

In groups of 3 and with a model ratio fo 3:1, there is ample opportunity to create beautiful images in our three locations during the full two days of shooting. Each rotation is an hour and a half.

Professional Guidance

Learn and create where Edward Weston lived, photographed and printed for the last 20 years of his photographic career. Where he created some of his most iconic images at Point Lobos and the central coast. Kim Weston will be your instructor and available to help arrange scenes and answer any questions you might have during your time. Another very powerful aspect of the workshop is the Sunday morning print review. Kim will look over 5-6 images you created on Saturday and see what areas you did well in and what areas you can improve on. You can then take those suggestions and put them into practice during the Sunday session.

Professional Models

Comfortable Setting

We make sure that everyone who attends a Weston Photography Workshop is super comfortable in the workshop setting. We know that it can be somewhat intimidating to work with 2 other photographers and a model. We treat everyone like family and we are very receptive and accommodating to everyone’s needs. We believe that if you are comfortable you will create better images!

Workshop Testimonials

Kim, George and Jennifer, and Zach were wonderful hosts. I enjoyed the weekend so much and consider my time there rewarding and more than successful.
Thank you,
— Alan Pflieger
Dear Gina, Kim and Zach,
We want to thank you for giving us such a memorable day and evening.
 From Kim’s photographic advice to taking us to the best places to shoot, and for allowing us to share the work of your 4 generations, it was just an amazing experience.
— Annie & Bob Given