Welcome to Kim Weston Photography and Wildcat Hill

Kim and Gina Weston

Purchase and Collect the Black and White Photography of Kim Weston. Home of the original "Print of the Month Club". His primary body of work consists of fine art nude photography. Also in his repertoire are black and white photography landscapes, ballerina photography, and Platinum photography. Kim only photographs with film. Kim also paints on his photographs and calls them his "painted photographs". 

Sign Up Now! We teach amazing photography workshops here at Wildcat Hill in Carmel CA, at other locations in the USA and around the world. Group workshops, One on One workshops - Fine Art Photography Workshops. These include Nude Photography, Landscape Photography (field trips to Point Lobos), Platinum Printing. Darkroom instruction (developing, printing etc). All film and digital photographers welcomed, Beginning to Advanced photographers are encouraged to join. We are looking forward to meeting you.

We sell a select number of Edward Weston's Photographs (printed by his son Cole Weston) from our personal collection. Come enjoy yourself and stay overnight at Wildcat Hill in our studio "Bodie House". 

“I’m always learning from my students, and hope they take away a renewed passion and interest in photography as an art and lifestyle”.Kim Weston