Edward Weston and Ansel Adams

I can’t tell you how swell it was to return to the freshness, the simplicity and natural strength of your photography … I am convinced that the only real security lies with a certain communion with the things of the natural world
— A letter from Edward to Ansel in 1936

Portrait of Edward Weston by Ansel Adams - Carmel Highlands 1945

Portrait of Ansel Adams by Edward Weston

Collection Center for Creative Photography © 1981 Center for Creative Photography, Arizona Board of Regents

Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, two visionaries in the world of photography, were great buddies who traveled and collaborated together while creating their art.  

Edward and Ansel at Edward's home on Wildcat Hill
©Pirkle Jones - Carmel Highlands

Edward and Ansel both resided in the Carmel Highlands toward the end of their lives and lived just down the highway from one another. Today, the descendants of both Edward and Ansel still occupy those same dwellings. 

From Left: Michael Adams, Kim Weston, Gina Weston, and Gene Adams having dinner at Edward Weston's home on Wildcat Hill - 2017

Michael and Jeanne Adams have kept Ansel's darkroom and workspace in tact, as it is an important piece of photographic history. Michael graciously gave us a tour of the workspace, showing how Ansel would process his negatives and print his photographs while we were over for dinner. 

The roots of photography run deep in both the Adams and Weston families; it is always a special experience to continue the old tradition of discussing art and sharing experiences over good food. 

From Left: Michael Adams, Zach Weston, Kim Weston and Eduardo Sandoval

Michael Adams talking about Ansel's darkroom and workspace at his home in the Carmel Highlands

Kim Weston standing next to Ansel's enlarger

They were a great combination. Although their work differed, their viewpoints meshed—while each had something distinctive to say about any particular aspect of photography, they were generally compatible and complementary.
— Charis Wilson - Through Another Lens: My Years with Edward Weston