Weston Photography | Focusing In - Edward Weston's Desk


Edward Weston's desk sits in the same spot as it did when he lived on Wildcat Hill. Positioned facing East, the desk lights up as the sun sets into the pacific. Edward was a prolific reader and writer and his desk allowed him to store books and record his thoughts of the day. 

We acquired the desk from Kim's father Cole. Prior to its relocation back to Wildcat Hill, it sat down at the Weston trout farm in Garrapata Canyon. Cole was a pioneer of his father's work after Edward's death in 1958. Not only did he travel the country lecturing about his father, but he was given exclusive rights to print from EW's negatives.

During a documentary about Edward narrated by Cole, the desk was moved to Wildcat Hill to provide a more authentic atmosphere for the the film. Kim was able to convince his father to keep the desk where it was after the documentary and it has been there ever since. 

I don’t lend books to friends. I don’t want to lose my books, or my friends.
— Edward Weston

The desk is a significant part of Wildcat Hill. It is filled with a collection of items from four generations of Weston's and is Kim's main desk to this day. It provides a unique and historic look into Edward's life as an artist. 

It was very important to me to have my grandfather’s desk at our home on Wildcat Hill. I am inspired by it and what it contains, everyday.
— Kim Weston