Weston Photography | Focusing In - Edward Weston's Fish Gourd

The Fish Gourd - 1926

The gourd sits upon the mantel on Wildcat Hill

Edward Weston acquired this gourd in Oaxaca, Mexico. He was fascinated with many aspects of the fish: its big eyes, small nose, fat body, and curly tail. He writes about it in his daybooks and it appears in multiple photographs. 

The same dealer [who sold a llama-shaped water bottle] sold me a fish, a painted gourd, the like of which I have never seen.
— Edward Weston

Edward's original photograph was taken in 1926

The image above is a scan of one of Edward's fish photographs, which provides a good teaching tool and historical reference when giving tours of the house. Edward used a crumpled serape as the sea for the fish. 

Brett Weston gifted the gourd to Kim and it has since sat upon the mantel above the fireplace for students and visitors to see. 

Information courtesy of Edward Weston: Photographs by Amy Conger