Weston Photography | Focusing In - Edward's Oaxacan Bowl, 1925

This bowl is a piece of Mexican vintage folk art acquired by Edward in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1925. Perhaps a drinking bowl used for drinking water, atole, or other juices. The designs are beautifully presented with vibrant colors showing an eagle atop a city upon a mountain and what appears to be some form of dog and cat. 

Edward was very much interested in the traditional artworks of the Mexican culture during his time in Mexico. He spent many hours collecting and photographing small trinkets that he collected from his travels. These beautiful works of art were all part of the cultural and artistic renaissance that he was experiencing during that time. 

We are so happy to have this piece in our home on Wildcat Hill above the fireplace. It provides a unique artistic perspective when compared to all the black and white photographs hanging on the walls.

If you happen to know more about this type of vintage folk art please leave a comment and let us know!