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©Estate of George Hurrell

©Estate of George Hurrell

This image of Charis Wilson in the cabin on Wildcat Hill was taken by famed Hollywood photographer, George Hurrell. The photograph is unique as it is not the kind of photography Hurrell is typically known for. The photograph hangs in the house on Wildcat Hill and provides a unique perspective into the history of Wildcat Hill.

George Hurrell Self Portrait - ©Estate of George Hurrell

George Hurrell was born in 1904 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He expressed that even since he was a child he wanted to be an artist. He started his artistic career as a painter at The Chicago Art Institute and Academy of Fine Arts and when he was 21 moved to Laguna Beach. He began photographing prominent painters in the area and eventually transitioned to his well-known hollywood glamour shots.

Above images of Edward and Charis by George Hurrell - ©Estate of George Hurrell


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