Weston Photography | Focusing In - Pirkle Jones Photograph

Central California Coast, 1952

©Pirkle Jones - 1952

©Pirkle Jones - 1952

This photograph shows Edward Weston and Ansel Adams on Wildcat Hill taken by Pirkle Jones in 1952. The home on Wildcat Hill was where Edward lived from 1938 till is death in 1958. His love and proximity to Point Lobos resulted in some of his finest photography. 

The photograph hangs next to Edward's Desk on Wildcat Hill 

Gina and Kim saw the photograph and liked it so much that they reached out to Pirkle in hopes of purchasing it. At this point in time the photograph was selling for $3,000 and was unfortunately out of their price range. Out of the goodness of his heart Pirkle packaged and mailed the photograph to them as a gift. The photograph of Edward and Ansel on Wildcat Hill has hung in the house ever since. 

Pirkle Jones was a California photographer admired for his stirring images of migrant workers, endangered landscapes and social movements, including a controversial series on the Black Panthers at the height of their activism in the late 1960s. 

©Eric Luse

©Eric Luse

©Pirkle Jones - Log and Golden Gate Bridge 1952

Edward reviewing Brett's printing abilities 

In 1952, Edward and Brett started working on the Project Prints. Edward was no longer photographing due to his Parkinson's, which made it too difficult for him to successfully photograph and process film in the darkroom. 

©Ansel Adams - El Capitan, Winter 1952

In 1952 Adams became one of the founders of the magazine Aperture, which was intended as a serious journal of photography displaying its best practitioners and newest innovations. He was also taking breathtaking images of Yosemite, as displayed above. 

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