Newsletter - April 2011


Gina Weston at Carmel River Beach with the seagulls


Thank you to all that donated and participated in the "Be the Light Fundraiser for Rachael Short. We raised $115,000! It was an amazing and magical night.

Gina Weston, Billy Murray, Brian Pawlowski and Ken Hitz

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to be in a workshop with Roman Loranc!

We have invited Roman Loranc to join us at our next Weston Photography Workshop at the San Miguel Mission on May 12-15, 2011. Roman who lives and photographs in Mt Shasta, returns yearly to his home in Poland to photograph and explore his ancestral roots. "I'm fascinated by the ancient churches of my homeland he says. "These are holy places where millions of people have prayed for hundreds of years." "I am very excited to be able to photograph with Kim Weston and Randy Efros at the San Miguel Mission." "I hope you can join us!"

Roman Loranc - Franciscan Cross

April Print of the Month


Kim's April Print of the Month Wyoming #2 is only available until the end of April at the discounted price of $250 (normally $400).

Kim Weston - Wyoming #2

Weston Scholarship Awards

It is that time of year again, Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Exhibition. Thursday May 5 6-7PM at the Marjorie Evans Gallery - 8th and San Carlos, Carmel by the Sea. We hope to see you there.

Catherine Armanasco 2010 Scholarship Winner


The Digital Platinum Workshop June 10-12, 2011

Combine classic printing processes with cutting edge digital negative technology!
The Platinum and Palladium printing processes are some of the most beautiful alternative processes available. Like many alternative processes, a contact negative the size of the print is required. This workshop combines these exquisite classic printing processes with cutting edge digital negative techniques to yield beautiful fine prints.
More Information - if you are considering this workshop this year please let me know by the first week of May. We need at least 6 participants to run this workshop. Thank you!

Life has been amazing, hectic and crazy all at the same time. Kim and Zach are on the Colorado River as we speak. No contact until next Saturday. I bet they are having an experience of a lifetime! Under the stars at night and on the water by day.

Thanks for making our lives so interesting! Thanks for coming to our workshops - posts coming soon. And thanks for buying Kim's work.

Be sure to check the site often as I post items more frequently than I send out newsletter emails.

We also have a collection of Edward Weston printed by Cole Weston for sale. Email or call me if you have something you are interested in.

Thanks again and take care,

Gina, Kim and Zach!