Weston Photography Newsletter #10


Kim Weston with Huntington Witherill curator of The Painted Photograph Show at Center for Photographic Art



A huge THANK YOU to the board, (especially Tracy Morrison & Huntington Witherill), the docents and the members of The Center for Photographic Art for having Kim's show in your gallery. You did so many things for us it would take up way to much space to list it all!

A BIG THANK YOU to Gerry Karmele, Patrick Dellibovi and Eric Joseph of Freestyle Photographic Supplies for SPONSORING the show! And for putting Kim's Painted Ballerina on the cover of your catalog, coming to the show and for giving us such great service when we order our supplies from you. 

Kim Weston Painted Photograph Show at Center for Photographic Art, Carmel CA

There is only a few more weeks to view the show, up until September 1st! The Gallery hours are Tuesday - Sunday 1pm-5pm. If that time doesn't work for you please let us know and we can arrange a time to show it to you. Kim and I wanted to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of you that have visited the show. Lots of opening and gallery photos at Kim Weston Photographer on Facebook. There are also lots of photos on The CPA's FB site too!

Kim Weston Painted Photograph Show by Brad Cole

Kim Weston Print of the Month

September Print of the Month "Nude in Crevice" is the current POM selection. Check it out! Get the special discounted price of $250 for an 8x10 signed silver gelatin photograph until September 30, 2012.

Kim Weston Lake Powell #9 Nude in Crevice

The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop on September 14-16 is SOLD OUT.

The Wyoming Landscape and Nude Workshop has been rescheduled for next year 2013.

Send me a note if you are interested in joining us for this workshop next year.

June was super busy and filled with photographic opportunities. During the week before Kim's opening, we taught 2 Weston Figure Workshops with Mark Comon. A special thanks to our wonderful models Larva, Sara and Jazmine for working with us! And in between these classes we spent one day with models Jazmine and Sara photographing in Big Sur, scouting out a new location for a future workshop. Kim got some cool images from that shoot that are up in our gallery right now. After that we taught a One on One workshop, hosted a sit down dinner for 17 for The CPA and The Freestyle Boys (Kim cooked a leg of lamb!). The next day it was Kim's lecture at the Woman's Club and after that his opening. And of course another party after the opening! It was a busy week and we had a lot of fun!

July was similar with documenting Kim's show with Chuck Davis and Brad Cole. Thank you both so much for giving us your time. Rachael Short came by with some of her latest work and Kim made several digital negatives for her and printed some of her photos in Platinum. Now that was a fun day. She will be showing them soon in her Exposed Gallery in Carmel. (photos on FB). We went up for a few days to Mt. Shasta to visit Roman Loranc and swam in the cool waters of Castle Lake. The ideal temp of about 85 - 95 degrees. Its was nice to get out of the fog.

Thanks to all of you that have come to our workshops this year, our loyal POM subscribers, those that purchased Kim's Photographs and the Painted Photos from his show. We really appreciate your support by collecting Kim's work. thank you to all of you that have come to stay with us in Bodie House. Its been fun to have you here and a pleasure to get to know you all better.

Thanks again,
Take care,
Gina, Kim and Zach!~