Weston Photography Newsletter #9

Kim Weston & John Sexton at Point Lobos State Park
Kim Weston & John Sexton at Point Lobos State Park


We had the pleasure to spend a few hours with John Sexton and his wife Anne Larson at Point Lobos State Park last month. John and Kim have such a good time together, talking about their time spent with Kim's uncle Brett Weston. They both have so many fond memories of Brett. They both do an amazing repertoire of Brett, his movements and manners of speaking. It was fun!

Please join us for this exiting exhibition of Kim Weston's new work, 

"The Painted Photograph Show" at The Center for Photographic Art Carmel CA. June 30

Kim Weston Painted "Eyes" Photographs
Kim Weston Painted "Eyes" Photographs

Kim Weston โ€“ Painted Photographs

Curator: Huntington Witherill

June 30, 2012 through September 1, 2012

Lecture: June 30, 2012 3:00 PM at Carmel Womanโ€™s Club

Opening Reception: June 30, 2012 4:00-6:00PM at CPA Gallery โ€“ Use San Carlos entrance only during opening

Sponsor: Freestyle Photographic Supplies 

Freestyle Photographic Supplies Logo
Freestyle Photographic Supplies Logo

Kim Weston Print of the Month

June Print of the Month "Reflections" is the current POM selection. Check it out. Get the special discounted price of $250 for an 8x10 signed silver gelatin photograph until June 30, 2012.

Kim Weston - Lake Powell #6, Reflections
Kim Weston - Lake Powell #6, Reflections

Weston Photography Workshops

In May we held our annual California Mission Photography Workshop at San Juan Bautista again. Randy Efros came from AZ brought several friends with him and we photographed from sun up to sun down!! Thanks again to Randy, Ruben Mendoza, Martin Vargas Garcia and all of our participating photographers. We are collecting our images for our book. They are due on July 1.

2012 Weston San Juan Bautista Mission Photography Class Picture
2012 Weston San Juan Bautista Mission Photography Class Picture

Wildcat Studio Nude Testimonial - Next Wildcat Workshop September 14-16, 2012

Gina and Kim,

The Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop is one of those very rare workshops that exceeded every expectation I had. It was wonderful from an artistic point of view and absolutely magical as a personal experience that I will treasure for a very long time.

In fact, please consider this note as a request for a spot in 2013!  I will be delighted to give you a deposit today. Thanks for being such warm and gracious hosts and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Mark Sloane 

One on One Workshops

Remember you can always schedule a One on One Workshop with Kim here at Wildcat Hill. Learn how to photograph figure nudes, landscapes at Point Lobos, Black and White darkroom process, including developing negatives, printing, mounting and spotting. We can all use a lesson in that! right?

"My recent two-day, one-on-one workshop with Kim was truly a wonderful experience!  Both days were filled with unique photographic opportunities.  Shooting alongside Kim was insightful and motivating! Looking through his viewfinder and having him look through mine while discussing what we were seeing, and how I might approach the subject, was very beneficial to me. The time spent producing platinum prints allowed me to enjoy hands-on, what I had only been able to read about. 

Kim also reviewed photographs of both Edward and Brett Weston in addition to a number of projects he has been working on. Learning the stories behind the creation of a number of classic Weston photographs along with some life stories broadened my appreciation of the work. Both Kim and his wife Gina are quite hospitable, and their approach to customizing the workshop to align with the needs of the participant help make it a perfect fit. I highly recommend a One-on-One workshop with Kim to any lover of fine art photography." Rick Dixon, Baltimore, MD  5/21/12

Kim Weston - Longmont Museum -

The Weston Figure Workshop & Talk at Longmont Museum

Kim went to Colorado last weekend to give a talk at the Longmont Museum and to teach a one day Figure Workshop on June 1. He had a wonderful audience and his workshop filled up after his talk. Thanks everyone who attended. And thanks to the Museum for bringing Kim out there.

Kim Weston - Longmont Museum The Weston Figure Workshop
Kim Weston - Longmont Museum The Weston Figure Workshop
2012 Weston Photography Scholarship Winners
2012 Weston Photography Scholarship Winners

2012 Weston Scholarship Awards Ceremony

The Weston Scholarship founded by Gina & Kim Weston had their 8th annual Weston Scholarship and Award Ceremony at the Marjorie Evans Gallery on May 8, 2012. The show was phenomenal, we gave out $10,200 dollars. Photographer Roman Loranc came down from Mt. Shasta, he helped us judge the show, and out of the $10,200 we awarded, one of the awards was a $2000 scholarship that we gave in his name. Roman is a huge supporter of the Weston Scholarship! He has donated his photographs to be sold to help raise money for our fund. Visit our scholarship site for more information and to see all of the photos from the show and the award ceremony. Weston Scholarship Website

Check out our WebSite! I have lots of new posts going out all of the time. Sometimes they don't get into the newsletter. You can sign right up on the website and get the posts delivered right into your mailbox in the form of an email - as soon as I publish them to the site. Like A New workshop in Wyoming.

Looking forward to seeing Mark Comon's groups who are coming up for their annual photography workshops! Having dinner with Tracy Morrison, Huntington Witherill, the folks from the CPA and the sponsors of our show, Freestyle Photographic Supplies. Thank you so much for all of your hard and dedicated work that you have been doing for us!!!

Thanks so much for coming to our workshops and buying our prints!

Take care, Keep in touch,

Gina, Kim and Zach