Weston Photography Newsletter - June 2011


Kim Weston - Mission San Miguel


Our last newsletter left off as we were getting ready to go to the San Miguel Mission for a 3 day "Retreat Workshop" with Kim Weston, Randy Efros and Roman Loranc. We spent 3 days and nights in the San Miguel Mission quarters. The rooms were clean and sparse with crisp white bedspreads and the Mother Mary watched over you as you slept.

San Miguel Mission Rooms

Upon our arrival we toured the mission with archeologist Ruben Mendoza while he explained the history and some of important events that took place there.

San Miguel Mission Chapel

We rose early to photograph in the morning light, met as a group in the afternoons, and then back out to photograph in the evenings when the light was still good. We stayed up late to do some night photography in the mission hallways with Father Larry, watching Roman Loranc create some of his magical photographs! Martin Vargas Garcia taught us how to use a flashlight and "paint with light" and we ran around the mission in the night - until my battery ran out on my digital camera. Not good.

San Miguel Mission at night

What a magical weekend it was spending time with friends and playing in such a quiet sacred space. Thanks to all that came. Photos from the workshop are due on July 1st for consideration for the San Miguel Workshop Book, that we will be publishing soon!

Paris in May

Kim Weston in Paris in May

The last 2 weeks of May we spent in Paris! It was our first visit and we stayed right in the heart of the city, next to the Pompidou Museum. This museum was built with all of the infrastructure on the outside. Very interesting! The Parisian's don't like it, they think it is very ugly. The Pompidou has a following of tourists, locals, nomads, gypsies, and homeless. At times we felt like we were in the heart of Disneyland. During the day, the musicians and the drumming or the chanting or whatever, never seemed to stop.

Kim Weston at the Pompidou Museum

When we rented the apartment it said it was lively during the day and quiet at night. Well we can tell you that the city never sleeps (near the Pompidou) and the Parisians are up all night long! And the city gets up very slowly.

We toured many of the famous museums like The Louvre, Musee d' Orsay, The Orangerie - this was my favorite. The museum houses Paul Guillaume's collection of impressionists paintings! It was so amazing to see the work in person.

Kim Weston viewing Henri Matisse

We went because our dear friend Sylvie Blum was going to be there. She took some iconic photographs while she was there. She got up before dawn and photographed in the early morning light before everyone was up. Kim photographed in our apt. It had lot of windows and wonderful afternoon light!

Kim Weston - Photographing in Paris

All in all we had a wonderful time and are so glad we went!

June Print of the Month

Be sure to visit our POM Page to see our monthly Kim Weston special. This photograph was taken here in the Highlands just south of Wildcat Hill. This special offer available until the end of June!

Back to work and the swing of things

We have so much to share with you all but don't want to burn you out so remember you can sign up for our RSS feed on our website and then when we post something new on the site it comes straight to your mailbox. There are lots of new posts on the site. Just go to the home page and you will see them.

We are looking forward to the Edward Weston Show at the Monterey Museum of Art which opens this weekend on Friday, June 17, 2011.


We have had some really fun and amazing workshops this year so far! Next week we will have Mark Comon's group up from Long Beach for 2 back to back, Studio Nude Workshops. We will have our wonderful models, Larva and Sara coming back up from LA, and a new model Jazmine, who will be coming up with them. Jonathan will be returning to model for us as well. Looking forward to it!

Kim will be in Phoenix teaching 2 Platinum Workshops with Randy Efros on June 25 and 26, 2011. Contact the Phoenix Art Museum for more details and to register. He also has a painted photograph in a show at the museum.

Keep in touch

Don't forget to keep in touch by visiting our site and checking us out on face book. Bodie House is open for most of July if you want to come and have a summer vacation. Highway 1 is now open.

Thank you

Thanks for buying our Print of the Month! Coming to our workshops and staying in Bodie House! We have really enjoyed seeing all of our returning participants and all the new photography enthusiasts we have met this year! Keep up the good work and soon I will be contacting you to share some of your photographs, so everyone can see the work that we are creating here! I am having fun with the new site and am currently redesigning the Weston Scholarship Site with Roger Smith of RAS Design Media. Didn't expect to redesign it so soon but WordPress is so easy to use who can resist?

Take care,
Gina, Kim and Zach

P.S.  Zach is the head instructor for the summer program at the Junior Lifeguard Program in Monterey. He is a Seasonal California State Lifeguard. GO ZACH!