Weston Photography's 2019 April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Thinking Like an Artist | 2019

It was a treat working with Keith, Adam, and Henry a day before the actual April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop began. Kim went in-depth on how he approaches a scene and helped the participants get ideas and construct their own sets. They then had ideas to work on for the two intensive days of shooting on Wildcat Hill. This was a first of its kind and there will definitely will be more in the future!

April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop | 2019

We had an amazing weekend here on Wildcat Hill for our 2019 April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop! We were blessed with wonderful weather for the two days of shooting. Sunny skies with occasional cloud cover created the beautiful light unique to this area.

The participants produced some truly beautiful work and we can’t wait to share what they created with you. There is no better way to start of the workshop season with such a successful weekend and we are looking forward to future gatherings on Wildcat Hill and abroad!