Weston Photography's 2019 Print of the Month Portfolio!

Weston Photography's 2019 Print of the Month Portfolio

The POM Club is a wonderful way to start collecting or add to a growing collection. The fact that it’s Kim Weston with his own considerable body of work that is so highly regarded, and add to that the history of the Weston family in the world of fine art photography, you feel that you are making a smart investment as well. To collect the work of one particular artist is not always an easy thing to do, often requiring you to deal with multiple galleries in various states or individuals in the secondary market. The POM Club solves that problem.
— Lee Birmingham


2018 marks the last year that Kim will be doing solo Print of the Month Portfolios. He has been constructing portfolios since 2001 and believes it is time for a change in his artistic direction. Kim and Zach, during a dinner discussion, decided that participating in a father and son portfolio year would be not only special but a lot of fun. Kim is the 3rd and Zach the 4th generation of photographers in the historic Weston family. Kim taught Zach he knows about photography and they have spent many hours together in the darkroom. This collaboration will instill a deeper connection on both a human and artistic level.

Portfolio Specifics

There will be 12 prints in total, 6 from Kim, and 6 from Zach with each artist sending out their signature image every other month. The prints will be 8x10 mounted on 16x20 mattboard. If you purchase the whole set, you will also receive a unique, portfolio box to house all of your prints.

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