Weston Photography's 2nd to Last Workshop of 2018 Starts Friday!

2018 September Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

This Friday is the start of our second to last workshop of the 2018 season! We are thrilled to once again welcome a group of 9 photographers to Wildcat Hill for two days of intensive instruction and photography. We have an amazing group of models for this workshop that we can't wait to work with. The year has sure gone by fast, but looking back we have created some memorable memories and looking forward to creating more this weekend! 

Monique, Kaela and Catalina 

Images of Monique and Kaela ยฉWeston Photography. Image of Catalina ยฉRalph Anderson

Visiting Wildcat Hill

If you weren't able to sign up for a workshop this year but still want to visit, we do offer tours of the property! Kim will give you a history lesson of the house, property and what photography is all about in the Weston family.