Weston Workshops Highlight: John Wrobleski

Weston Workshops Highlight: John Wrobleski

John shooting at Wildcat. Photo: John Cornicello

John shooting in the studio at Wildcat. Photo: Martin Reekie

Kim & John at Wildcat. Photo: John Cornicello

Born and raised in the Cleveland, Ohio area, John received a Bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Minnesota before joining the Navy In 1975.  He was initially assigned as a Radar Intercept Officer in F-4 Phantoms, then transitioned to F-14s about the time he became an engineering officer and project manager for the Navy’s procurement efforts.  He retired from the Navy in 1995 and began similar work for various defense contractors.

In 1980 he was assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA where he received a MS degree.  It was while at the graduate school that John discovered the photographs of Ansel Adams, stimulating his latent interest in photography.  John started making his own images on a serious basis in the mid-1980’s, using first an old and somewhat decrepit Yashica TLR, and later moving to better medium and large format cameras.

One of the highlights of that workshop with Cole was a visit to Wildcat Hill.  While there, John met Kim Weston, and viewed some his work.  Eighteen months later, John attended his first Kim Weston workshop.  During his time at the Postgraduate School, John and his wife, Karen, fell in love with the Monterey Peninsula, so the workshop provided a very welcome excuse for a nostalgia filled vacation.  At the time, John and his family were living in southern California, so a trip to Carmel was easily managed. The result was that he has continued to attend workshops on a regular basis. The workshops provided a means to study with a number of successful photographers and artists (including Randy Efros, Reed Farrington, Huntington Witherall, and Ryujie among others), the value of which cannot be overstated.  Each workshop taught valuable lessons in not just technique, but in the vision and dedication required to become a good photographer.  

John’s attendance at Kim’s workshops has lessened, but when he can, he still finds the visits stimulating and instructive.  Moreover, they have become an opportunity to visit with what have become his close friends: Kim, Gina, and Zach.

Friend & Artist

We have had the pleasure of knowing John Wrobleski for many years. His first workshop with us was back in 2002! Since then he has been regularly attending our workshops at Wildcat and abroad. He has been such a fundamental friend over the years and we are always excited when he comes out for a workshop or just a visit. He has a tendency to bring the photographic quality up for the whole group during a workshop. He is a team player and never hesitates to pass along helpful information to other photographers in his group. 

It has been an honor getting to know him not only as a human but as an artist. It is a treat to see the work that he has created with us over the years. 

John's Images Taken at Weston Workshops

Weston Photography Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Weston Photography Platinum Nude Workshop with Tom Millea

Platinum Workshop with Ryujie Douglas/Weston Destination Workshop in Scotland

Platinum Landscape Workshop/Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Weston Destination Workshop in Scotland

Weston Photography Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Weston Photography Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop

Weston Photography Mission San Juan Batista Workshop

Weston Photography Mission San Miguel Workshop

Weston Photography Mission San Juan Batista Workshop

Kim Weston Private Tutorial

Weston Photography Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop