Weston Photography Welcomes Daisy Von!

Daisy Von

©Nick Caravaggio

In a drastic career change, Daisy Von went from a research microbiologist to fine art nude model. Daisy rapidly became an esteemed and accomplished international model known for her expressive portraits, abstract poses, and stunning grace in front of the camera. Her body of work includes posing for world-renown photographers and highly acclaimed artists such as Lindsay Adler and Herbert Ascherman. Her professionalism has been a breath of fresh air making long shoots seem short. Creating an artists' perfect version makes the work enjoyable, strenuous, and rewarding, this is a reality by Daisy Von immersing herself completely in every shoot. 

Images (from left): ©Mitch Gantly, ©Rob Riddlehoover, ©Tim Goins

Daisy Von will be joining us for our first workshop of the 2019 season, The April Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop. Reserve a spot to work and create stunning images with Daisy!