Weston Photography Welcomes Eva Luna!

Eva Luna

©Julien Sunye

I believe that the act of creation is equal parts aesthetic and energetic. In order to create, we must connect.  In order to connect, we must feel.  This work is as much about the thoughts and emotions behind an image as the image itself.

In my work, I seek to awaken in the viewer a sense of freedom, and to communicate through imagery the innate beauty and resilience of the human spirit.  Having spent my first year of life in the Peruvian Amazon, I seek to evoke a sense of magic realism in the imagery that I am a part of.  I intend to use my body as my creative medium to empower and inspire. I’m friendly, relaxed, down to earth, often silly and spontaneous. Perceptive and intuitive, I strive to relate on a deeper level.  Wrapping my mind around psychology, comparative mythology, and the intricate workings of nature are passions of mine. I’m also a long-time yogi who loves to teach, dance, garden, hike and camp.  

Images (clockwise from top left): ©Julien Sunye, ©Photosensualis, ©Tycho Herff, ©Photosensualis

Eva Luna will be joining us for our May Wildcat Studio Nude Workshop. We are so excited to work with her on Wildcat Hill!