Weston Photography Welcomes Sienna Hayes!

©Thomas Holm 

"I was born and raised in Toronto where I began modeling as a hobby in 2011. I had always admired the arts, and when I did my first nude shoot I was thrilled to discover that I could express myself creatively through my body. I spent the next several years building upon my skills and experience, and decided to take the plunge into full-time modeling when I graduated from university in 2015. 

I began touring extensively across Canada, The United States, Europe, and Australia. The next big chapter in my modeling career occurred in 2017 when I was granted an "Extraordinary Ability" visa by the USCIS for my accomplishments as an art model. I subsequently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I currently reside. 

I thoroughly invest myself in every shoot and am dedicated to creating the best possible images. I am willing to hike great distances, climb rocks or trees, and walk around broken glass in order to get the perfect shot. I love to make artists' visions come to life and most enjoys shoots where I can be a collaborative partner in the creative process."

©Thomas Holm 

©Foto Krammer

©Daniel Anton

©Andrew Balfour

Sienna will be joining us on our Weston Destination Workshop in Wyoming in June 2018! We can't wait to work and create with her.