Kim Weston,Trevor & Faye Yerbury Nude Workshop in Paris Nov.9-11


Kim Weston - France Workshop in November


Kim Weston, Trevor Yerbury & Faye Yerbury

Paris France Date : November 9 - 11, 2013 Saturday - Monday
Location: privatized XVII Castle north of Paris,
17 Rue Nationale Belle Eglise near Paris, France, 60540

Chateau Saint Just

Objective of the workshop:

To have the unique opportunity to participate in one of a kind workshop where three worldwide recognized photographers from: U.S.A. West Coast and East Scotland- UK

We will meet for a mind explosive teaching in the fine Art Nude Photography.

Kim Weston teaches what he is passionate about – “Fine Art Nude Photography” Workshops We say “Keep it Simple“. Bring one camera that you are comfortable using. You will learn how to compose, work with available light, interact, direct and create a good working relationship with the model you are photographing. 

Kim Weston - Scotland #1

About Trevor & Faye Yerbury

Trevor Yerbury is a 4th generation photographer the business founded by his great grandfather in Edinburgh in 1864. Trevor was born in 1951 and joined the family business straight from boarding school in 1969. He underwent a 4-year apprenticeship where he experienced working in a daylight studio, using tungsten lighting before studio flash began to take over. In 1978 Trevor met his second wife Faye who was styling a shoot he was on and they eventually got together in 1979 have been inseparable ever since. With such a history in photography it is not surprising that Trevor has a keen interest in vintage printing techniques especially platinum/palladium printing, which he first experimented with back in the mid 80’s. Trevor is passionate that his work is simple and elegant with a classic, sophisticated look. Faye while she assisted Trevor for the first few years, eventually grew frustrated that she could see images, but did not have the ability to capture them. Trevor bought Faye a camera and since then she has become one of the UK’s finest photographers of the Fine Art Nude and a true post production expert. Together Trevor & Faye travel the world creating stunning images for both public and private collections.

Trevor and Faye Yerbury Nude in Forest

The workshop is limited to a restricted number of participants. The workshop is structured and organized with plenty of time and space to explore many different themes. We have good model to photographer ratio and the intimacy to accommodate each level of experience from a beginner to a very experienced photographer. Faye, Trevor and Kim will be with the groups all the time to provide suggestion and tips

Organization Day 1 - Starts 5PM - 7:30PM

The participants will meet for the introduction to the workshop. 
Kim , Trevor and Faye will introduce themselves to the participants.

• Introduction
• The method
• The artistic goal
• The slide show
• Description of the workshop and the daily schedule
• Presentation of each participants to the group
• Q&A • Cocktails and snacks will be served
• End at 7:30PM

Sunday Day 2 10AM - After Dinner

The participants will be divided into groups And the models and the modus operandi with the models will be explained. Each group will have 2 h with each model during the day and the 3 Masters will rotate between the group. A light lunch will be served. At the end of the day the participants will meet to discuss their experiences around a glass of Champagne. A dinner will follow to give the opportunity to discuss informally with the Masters.The participants will be ask to select 5 of their best images to be showed and reviewed the next day.

Monday 10 am -4pm

Review of the participants work Discussion Possibility to continue some shooting. Farewell

Cost for person $1060 - (780 Euros)

PLACES ARE LIMITED A translation from and to French will be available. The cost will cover the workshop and the lunch and dinner of the 2nd day.

Accommodations in the hotel of the Castle are available – a special rate has been negotiated for the participants. $98 Euros.

Travel Information to and from Chateau Saint Just

Nearest airport: Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport
Roissy Charles de Gaulle is 30km away
Nearest train station: Bornel – 1.2km

Gina Weston will make room reservations for you at the Chateau. Questions? Please contact her directly.

What to bring:

Laptop - you will need to work on at least 5 images from Saturday Shoot to be critiqued on Sunday.
Thumb drive (Flash drive) needed to transfer your 5 images to our computer.
Digital images of your latest work, if you want to share with the group.
Your favorite camera - digital or film
Extra SD cards
Extra batteries
Film - lots of it
Tripod - unless you are very good at hand holding.
Your favorite props if you have room while you are traveling.
If not we will provide some as well.