Kim Weston in Kuusamo XVIII Nature Photo 2013 & Workshop, Finland


Finland Photo by Pekka Luukkola, courtesy of Finland Tourist Board used with permission

We are getting ready to take off on another photography adventure!
Finnish photographer, collector and owner of The Light Gallery, Kirmo Wilen has invited Kim and I up to Finland for an exciting trip! First a weekend up in Kuusamo for the Kuusamo XVIII Nature Photo 2013 Finland where there will be a 3 Generation Show highlighting Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Cole Weston and Kim Weston. Kim will be the key presenter at the weekend festival. Kim will be showing the "Growing up Weston" DVD and giving a short presentation of his work afterwards.

Then we get to spend the week touring Finland with Kirmo until we head back for a Weston Photography Nude Workshop that will be held at Tolvanhelmi, Savonlinna. We will be flying into Helsinki and driving way up north to Kuusamo and then back south to Savonlinna then back to Helsinki.

We will get to see much of the country, we have never ventured so far north. We may go up past the arctic circle and see the reindeers and the official home of Santa Claus! The first Who knows maybe visit Russia while we are there, its close! The first Aurora Borealis lights have been seen up north after summer! I have always wanted to see these.

We want to send special thanks to Kirmo Wilen for collecting Kim's photographs for many years (other Weston photographs too) and for hosting us and a nude workshop while we are there. Here is the link to his gallery, The Light Gallery

Thank you to Hannele Fors for inviting us up to the Kuusamo Photo Festival, having Kim be the lead presenter, showing "Growing up Weston" and having the exhibit during the festival! I can hardly believe that the time is here. It seemed so far away when we started planning the trip.

Keep in touch and watch for "Gina on the Spot" short news videos!

Kim Weston - Map of Finland Trip

Photo credits:
Fall landscape, Kilpisjarvi, Lapponia SOURCE: Pekka Luukkola, courtesy of Finland Tourist Board, used with permission.