One on One Workshop - Oceanscapes February 2013

Photographer at Monastery Beach Carmel CA
Photographer at Monastery Beach Carmel CA

One on One Workshop - Oceanscapes

Sometimes you just get lucky. With rain looming in the forecast we kept our fingers crossed that there would be time in-between the rainfall to get out on the coast and take some worthy photographs. Unlike working in the studio, you have to work with mother nature and her unpredictability. But even with the threat of rain and hail, the weather worked to our advantage with wonderful clouds illuminating the sky. Big waves crashed along the coast line. There was plenty of opportunities to photograph these 2 days. 

During the times of rain Kim was in the darkroom teaching his darkroom techniques, developing and printing the negatives. Kim loves to complete the process. From taking the photograph, to developing the negatives, to printing the photograph. Of course there are a few more steps to completion for presentation, like mounting and spotting but that will have to wait for another tutorial.

We also had Roman Loranc here as our guest this week, so as an added bonus they got to photograph with him too! 

It was fun way to spend a few beautiful rainy days on the central coast. 

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