ATT Pebble Beach National Pro Am


Kim Weston - ATT Pebble Beach Pro Am

Kim Weston - Carmel Beach

Carmel Beach - ATT Pebble Beach Pro Am

Carmel Beach - Paddle Boarder

Carmel Beach - Cypress Trees

Carmel Beach - AT& T Pebble Beach Pro Am Golf Tournament

We walked on Carmel Beach this morning because the AT& T Pro Am was being played on the Pebble Beach golf course. You can see the tournament from the beach! Golfers always lose their golf balls in the high grass on the 4th hole (I think that is correct), it's the last hole on the north end of the beach. Its fun to watch them search for their balls and try and hit them back on the course.

It was a warm and beautiful morning, the water was super clear. A solo paddle boarder was out on the ocean. This sport has become very popular on the peninsula and you always see them out paddling around and sometimes they surf the waves with their big boards.

Carmel is a dog friendly beach, its amazing how many different breeds you will see in a day. The beach is lined with beautiful old cypress trees. Looking up from the beach you can see why they want to plant more, they are so beautiful - even if they do block the views from the multi million dollars homes that are on Scenic Drive.