Between the Shadows - Galerie à la Rivière, Paris France

Kim Weston - Chastity in Belmonte


TRILIGHT COLLECTIVE  - Fran Marti » Juan Mas-Baga » Miguel Soler-Roig » Joachim Hildebrand &  Kim Weston

Exhibition: 13 - 16 November 2014
Opening: Wednesday 12 November 2014
6.30pm to 9.30pm

Métro : Maubert Mutualité

"The shadow does not exist.
What you call shadow is the light that you cannot see"
Henri Barbusse

Galerie à la Rivière will witness the birth of Trilight Collective, formed by three photographers from Barcelona (Spain): Fran Martí, Juan Mas-Bagá and Miguel Soler-Roig. They present "Between the Shadows", a photography exhibition along with the guest artists Joachim Hildebrand (Germany) and Kim Weston (USA).

Between the shadows is a heterogeneous and eclectic show that opens the door to the viewer’s imagination, giving equal weight to what is shown and to what is suggested in different levels of representation. Shadows are the link between each of the different series from these five artists, focusing on various themes.

Miguel Soler-Roig and Kim Weston find charm in the nude figure as the embodiment of emotions, seeking the sculptural use of light in black and white as their strategy to enhance the expression and the subtlety. Juan Mas-Baga, dealing with the same subject, makes use of colour, textures and shades to raise his models, wrapped in decadent scenarios.

The scenario is precisely the main element in the images of Fran Martí, again in black and white. The atmospheres are disturbing and ambiguous; the shadows hide and reveal uncertain locations. Joachim Hildebrand focuses on dwellings, which are essential sites of our life. The shadows on the buildings elicit manifold associations. They refer to the past, to the memories and to the dreams of the residents.

Changing realities, ours or from others, but somehow always dark ones.

If you are in Paris for Paris Photo please stop by and visit Joachim, Fran, Miguel and Juan at Galerie à la Rivière. You will see some wonderful photographs and meet some amazing photographers! Kim's photographs are from our 2014 Andalusia Workshop. Sorry we can not be in attendance as we are on our way to a Group Exhibition at The National Museum of Art in China! Journey of the Heart: Exhibition of Straight Photography Original Print 1839-2014 -  National Museum of Art China.

Join us this Spring in Spain 2015, for 2 museum shows. All photographs in both shows will be from the 2014 Andalusia Workshop!! How exciting!!!

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