Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Kim Weston - Wildcat Hill Christmas Greetings! As the year comes to a close, Kim and I wanted to take the time to thank you all! What an amazing year 2014 was! We completed our  2014 Print of the Month Portfolio! A big thank you to our loyal Print of the Month Subscribers, we just mailed out our final December photograph with the handmade Portfolio Box and Cover sheet. If you are interested in joining click on the following link for more info: What is the Print of the Month?

Kim Weston - Ya'll come back now

This year was super exciting with international travels to Andalusia, Spain for a workshop and Arles, France to visit Lucien Clergue b.1934-2014. We also participated in a week long photography trip to Desert Hot Springs with Mark Comon of Pauls Photo; and held 3 Wildcat Studio Nude workshops at our home in Carmel Highlands.

We are going back for 2 exhibitions in Spain. Tarragona - Opening Date: April 15, 2015 & Barcelona Opening Date: April 16, 2015. After that we will host a 5-day Nude Photography Workshop with Miguel Soler-Roig around the Catalonian Region, which includes the city of Barcelona. The theme will be very contemporary, the Modernism of Gaudi and the Surrealism of Dali. If 2014's Andalusia Spain Photo Nude Workshop was any indication of what Miguel can produce; we are in for another amazing adventure. I highly recommend saving the date 4/15/15 to 4/22/15 and joining us in Spain in 2015. Stayed tuned for more information or send me an email and I will save you a spot.

We had several shows and exhibitions which included a wonderful 4 Generation Weston Photography Exhibition at the National Steinbeck Center and then another big event was attending The Journey of the Heart: Exhibition of Straight Photography Original Prints 1839-2014 in Beijing China! What a honor for Kim and I to be a part of this exhibition. Check out the following link for more info on Local, National and International Exhibitions!

I am finding new and easy ways to share Kim Weston's Photographs on our new and improved website. You can also check out his ever-growing Archive of Photographs. Since its impossible to list all of the available Kim Weston photographs for sale, we are adding them here for your easy viewing. Most of these photographs are still available for sale, just click on the photo for more detailed information. Here you can find even more information about prices and editions.

Dates for 2015 Nude Photography Workshops! April 15-22, 2015 Catalonia Spain Nude Photo Workshop May 1-3, 2015 Wildcat Studio Nude June 19-20, 2015 Weston Figure Workshop w/Mark Comon September 25-27, 2015 Wildcat Studio Nude Sign ups will be available on January 1, 2015.

And of course you can always sign up for a One on One Workshop with Kim Weston.

After writing a newsletter every month for the past 14 years I needed a change. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as we can easily streamline our updates for easier viewing.

We want to thank: Our Collectors, Print of the Month Club Members, Workshop Participants, Larva, Sara, Gwen - our girls (models), Miguel Soler-Roig and all of our new friends in Spain, Mark Comon, Roman Loranc, Lu Xiao and The Timeless Gallery, Deborah Silgero and Jewel Gentry of The National Steinbeck Center, Randy Efros, Becky Senf, Ruth McCutcheon, The Center for Creative Photography and The Phoenix Art Museum, Katharine Cooper and all our new friends in France, Fritz Saller, Zach Weston, Maryan Gonnerman, Nicole Mangiola, Elliot Ruchowitz-Roberts, Katherine Edison, Cody Edison, Chuck Davis, Ryuijie and Camille Lenore, Winston Boyer, Huntington Witherill and Tracy Morrison, Jim Kasson, Kevin Bransfield, Randy Tunnel, Nadereh Liaghati, Arts Habitat, Harrison Okins of Webity, Eric Chasanoff, Michelle Magdalena and all of our friends and family!!

If you weren't mentioned we still love you!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!