The Weston Story, A lecture by Kim Weston

Kim was invited to speak at The Monterey Museum of Art - La Mirada. This lecture reflects Kim's journey while he was growing up in the Weston Family of Photography. Filled with stories, memories and family photographs.

Photos for this lecture are by Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Cole Weston, Helen Weston, Kim Weston, Gina Weston, Winston Boyer, Martha Casanave, Mark Comon, Imogen Cunningham, Don Eddy, Randy Efros, Monterey Herald, William Holgers, Pirkel Jones, Richard C. Miller, Beaumont Newhall, Nolan Preece, Mac Ray, Al Richter, Morris Rosenfeld, Brian Sato, Joe Schrezer, Peter Stackpole, and Huntington Witherill. 

Thank you Brooks McChesney, Friends of the Museum and Monterey Museum of Art.