Photo Contest Question, March 21


Win this photograph by answering the correct questions on our Facebook Contest.

Looking at Kim's "Wildcat Fireplace" photograph (posted below) please post your answers to the questions directly on Kim's facebook page. As soon as our site gets updated we will be doing all of these contests directly on our site. So please be patient with us if you are not on Facebook.

Questions for March 21, 2014

Questions about the photograph on the very top right (the 4th photo) in the fireplace photo.
1. What was the full name of the photographer who took that photo?
2.Where was the photograph taken?
3. Who is the person in the photo?
4. What is the significance of this person relating to Edward Weston.

In order to win, you must answer all 4 questions correctly on Kim's FaceBook page. You must be his friend to write on his page. He will let you know who the winner is.

Wildcat Fireplace 2013 Photograph by Kim Weston

Previous winners are excluded. Same rules as last time. Family and close friends excluded. (Please no clues). First person to answer correctly wins this 8x10 Silver Gelatin Kim Weston photo! Please post your answers on his Facebook page . Thanks and good luck!