2014 April Print of the Month


Kim Weston - A Bird in Hand

"Kim Weston - A Bird in Hand"

I always look for the light when I photograph. And when I set up a photography shoot during a workshop I am often thinking of metaphors between the model and some other object or her surroundings. I do this to tell my story.

In this photograph I am using the painting of the bird, for me this symbolized the bird being caged. Hanging the material from the window, having the model behind the veil or lace, longingly looking out the window, symbolizes her being trapped, like a bird in a cage. I enjoy traveling to teach workshops. I used to build all of my sets now I primarily shoot on location. 

Our european (summer) nude photography workshop will be held in Spain this year. Starting out in Madrid and traveling down the coast and back. We will be staying in castles and visiting palaces. This is the perfect backdrop for me. Just as it was when we taught a photography workshop at Hospitalfield in Arbroath, Scotland. Maybe you can join us! Check it out!

Spain Nude Photo Workshop

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