Central Coast Landscapes: Online Exclusive Show on Artsy!

Central Coast Landscapes: Online Exclusive Show on Artsy! 

The central coast of California is rich in photographic history. One of the first photographic pioneers of the area was Edward Weston, who was influential in turning straight photography into an art form. A large body of his later work was made when he was living on Wildcat Hill in the Carmel Highlands. Living in his single wall constructed cabin, he was walking distance from many spectacular coastal locations in which to make photographs.

Kim Weston, Edward’s grandson, and Zach Weston, Edward’s great grandson have kept the tradition of photographing the beautiful coastline of the area alive. Kim instructs one-on-one-landscape tutorials of the surrounding coastline, teaching photographers how to capture the ever-changing light along the coast of the Pacific. Please enjoy Central Coast Landscapes, which includes photographs from Edward, Kim and Zach, and see how each generation has looked to capture the beauty of this area.

All the photographs in the show are for sale! Add a piece of photographic history to your collection. 

Edward Weston

PL45-BI-1-Pelican, Photograph by Edward Weston | Collection Center for Creative Photography © 1981 Center for Creative Photography, Arizona Board of Regents

Kim Weston

©Kim Weston - Sub Rock

Zach Weston

©Zach Weston - Garrapata Sunset