Kim Weston's Print of the Month Archive on the Website!

Kim Weston's Print of the Month Archive

We recently put up all of Kim's Print of the Month portfolios since 2001 up on the website! It is a great look at his wide range of work and how his vision has changed over the years. Starting in the studio building sets and slowly transitioning outside and photographing the nude figure in nature. 

Kim is constantly evolving and changing how and what he photographs. Take a look at this collection of photography spanning over three decades. Let us know what your favorite year is! 

Print of the Month Club

When Edward Weston started the Print of the Month Club, he did so because he believed that "photography is a poor man's art and anyone who wants to own a print should be able to." For nearly two decades, Gina and Kim Weston have followed in Edward's footsteps, producing 17 Print of the Month portfolios that have included some of Kim's most well-recognized work. 

The 2018 Print of the Month Portfolio will be Kim's last. It will bring 12 photographs–taken over the last year during trips to Germany, New York, and Palm Desert–together in a collection that both honors Kim Weston's past and points toward a future filled with more creativity than ever.