Happy Birthday, Cole Weston!


It's a beautifully sunny day on the central coast of California and we are holding Cole Weston's memory closer than ever on his birthday! One of the pioneers of large format color photography, Cole produced breathtaking images all around the world.

In addition, Cole worked as his father, Edward Weston's, assistant at his Carmel studio from 1946 until Edward's death in 1958. In his will, Edward had specified that only Cole was authorized to print his negatives. Though prints produced by Edward himself were valuable and much in demand by collectors, there was also a substantial and continuing demand for Cole's prints from his father's negatives. The photographic dynasty created by Edward, Brett and Cole fascinated the photographic community and, together with his son Kim, Cole continued to organize and lead masterclasses in photography into his eighties." Keep Reading...

Thank you, Cole, for all you did for the photographic medium, for your presence in our lives, and for your commitment to preserving our family's legacy. We miss you every day!

Photographs by Cole Weston