Landscape Tutorial with Kim Weston

Last Wednesday, Kim and Zach Weston went out with Rob and Annie Given for a landscape tutorial. The day started out at Point Lobos, walking the dirt trails that hug the Pacific Ocean. 

Kim brought along his Mamiya RB67 to show Rob and Annie how he would frame specific shots. This helped them get an idea of what he was looking at and what light he was looking to capture. It was an exceptional day with a warm breeze and low crowds in the reserve. 

After several hours in the park, the crew headed back to Wildcat for lunch and a private showing of 4 generations of Weston landscape photography. 

The day ended with a sunset session at a nearby trail frequented by Gina and Kim Weston. The exposed rocks from the big winter swells were faboulus focal points when framing in the dropping sun. It was an exceptional sunset and phenomenal day with Rob and Annie from Ireland! 

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