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Kim Weston - Nude & Piano
Kim Weston - Nude & Piano

"Kim Weston - Nude & Piano"

Kim teaches one on one workshops here at our home at Wildcat Hill. We photograph in our house where there is lovely light coming in from the skylight in the ceiling. Edward Weston photographed many of his photographs under this skylight, here in the house. He also used our dining table that Brett built to mount his photographs. He lived in this very modest house with his darkroom and bath at one end and the fireplace at the other. September is a magical time especially when the sun comes in the windows at sunset time.

Occasionally Kim goes to other locations to photograph during his one on one workshops (tutorials). This photograph was taken at our neighbors house, a nude on a beautiful piano that sits in front of large west facing windows that bring in the beautiful light that Edward so loved in the Carmel Highlands.

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