Weston Photography Newsletter

Kim Weston - In his studio with his painted photographs.


Sorry I didn't post last month's email up on the site. I only sent it via my constant contact newsletter. So if you would like to sign up its easy. Just go to Sign up for our Newsletter its at the top of every page on our website and then you will be kept up to date even if this newsletter doesn't get updated. The time just seems to fly by and I don't alway get my chores done.

In August I went to McCall, Idaho with my girlfriend to celebrate a friend's 50th B Day. We swam in the beautiful lake, soaked up the warm sunshine and had a great visit with our dear friend Jenny!
Image of McCall Lake in Idaho

Kim Weston - Print of the Month

Please take a minute to view Kim's Print of the Month. Afua & Bowl. A special offer available until the end of October 2011. $250 normally $400.


August and September were busy months with at least a dozen visitors from all parts of the world coming to visit us here at Wildcat Hill. A couple of the many highlights were meeting the director of The Center for Creative Photography, Katharine Martinez and Ruth McCutcheon. And Carmel Mayor Sue McCloud, her nephew Stuart and his family.

Katharine Martinez and Ruth McCutcheon of The Center for Creative Photography

Bodie House

We have also had lots of guests come and stay in Bodie House. George Holz a very accomplished photographer from upstate NY, came and stayed a week with us while I was gone. Kim and George had fun visiting, photographing and printing in Kim's darkroom. (Well, Kim printed). Then he returned with his son Josh and we celebrated his 15th birthday. We meet so many cool people!

George and Joshua Holz in Edward Weston's darkroom


Labor Day was the last workshop of our 2011 season at Wildcat Hill. We had a fun full weekend with our models coming up from Los Angeles, and our participants coming from all over the world (we had a special guest from Israel). We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and the models did a superb job. We are so lucky to have them. We had one new model, Russia. A beautiful person with an amazing name. We had 2 women which is always great for the dynamics of the group. 4 of the participants were returnees. Thank you everyone!

2011 Fall Studio Nude Workshop

Our special guest artists for the night: Huntington Witherill and Chuck Davis. Huntington has a show at The Center for Photographic Art, up until Oct. 1 and Chuck was just involved in Monterey's Underwater Shoot-out &  film festival. He and several other underwater photographers gave great presentations of their prior work. Amazing!

Chuck Davis at the Underwater Shootout

Kim is still teaching this winter - one on one workshops or darkroom instruction whatever is your fancy.  And remember to book your winter vacation with us!

I just talked to Christa Meola she is back from her wonderful workshop in Florence, Italy and she gave me some wonderful tips. I get to go to Italy in October! I am so excited! Hard work pays off! Zach is having a great time being home going to the local JC and he evens gets to surf now and again. We met with the Chair Professor from the School of Business at CSUMB. It looks like Zach will be continuing his major in business after all.

That's all for now, thanks for buying our prints, coming to our workshops, staying in Bodie House and becoming our friends!

Take Care,
Gina, Kim and Zach