2013 December Print of the Month - Special Offer

"Kim Weston - Pending Storm"

Kim Weston - Pending Storm
Kim Weston - Pending Storm

Kim Weston's "Pending Storm" is the final photograph to make up the 2013 Print of the Month Portfolio. This image was taken during the Nude in the Landscape Workshop, co taught with Mark Comon at the YL Boyer Ranch in Savery, Wyoming. 

Some of you may have seen that we will be raising the prices on Kim's images starting January 1, 2014. We want you the collectors to know how we much we value your collections. The new prices will reflect the value of his work and the many years that Kim has been making his photographs - getting close to 40 years.

Many of Kim's favorite images like Nude in Cactus, Nude in Window, Calla Lilies and Zach with Kite will not be available in the original 8x10 contact photograph size. Only the 8x10 size will be retired. Two other sizes will be available for now, 11x14 and 16x20.

The 2001 Print of the Month Portfolio has a wonderful collection of Kim's images. It is the first portfolio that we made. The complete portfolio is still available for purchase. How many of these portfolios have been made? Maybe 8 - 10. They contain some of Kim's most recognized images. A true representation of his work in the 1990's. 

Kim is an internationally known artist with over 30 years of photographing the fine art nude. Not only is he an exceptional artist, he is a an amazing photography teacher. Sharing his knowledge and passion with so many students these past several years. He tirelessly shares our house (where his grandfather Edward Weston lived the last 20 years of his life) and welcomes strangers in to see the darkroom. He loves to show his photographs and the work of his family. And most recently our son Zach.