Weston Photography Newsletter #140

3 Generations  of Weston Photography in Kuusamo, Finland


The end of the year is very close and we are a few months behind in saying "Thank You" to so many people that we have met this year! Especially Kirmo Wilen and Hannele Fors for the workshop and exhibition in Finland!

In September, Kim was invited by Hannele Fors to be the headliner at the 2013 Kuusamo Nature Photo FestivalKirmo Wilen (a long time collector of Kim's work) brought his collection of "Weston's" to Kuusamo for the 70 print show. Kirmo showcased 12 Kim Weston "Print of the Month" Portfolio's, 2008 - 2012, that's 60 Kim Weston prints! 4 Cole Weston, 1 Brett Weston, 1 Tina Modotti and 4 Edward Weston. We were so happy to see all of the photos hung in the same gallery. Thank you, Kirmo for a wonderful visit and tour of your country! Stay tuned for my next video "Gina on the Spot - The Finland Connection".

Kim Weston Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival Show

Paris, France

A special thanks to Kitty and Bruno Cohen, Trevor and Faye Yerbury for our workshop at Chateau St. Just just outside of Paris, France.

In November we went on a workshop adventure to Paris, France! With Kitty Cohen's gracious hospitality we spent a lovely 12 days in Paris. We arranged it so we could teach on the weekend and then go to Paris Photo for the show. We were so lucky to get a VIP pass from The Hackelbury Gallery via Florence and Anthony Rodale. We spent hours at Paris Photo wandering from booth to booth with our friend Miguel-Soler-Roig from Spain. We met so many wonderful people, Lucien Clergue, Katherine Cooper, gallery owners and collectors. We even ran into old friends which was such a pleasant surprise. Duncan Miller Gallery brought "Nude in Cactus" to his booth at Foto Fever which was in the basement of the Louvre. Kim came home with some wonderful new images. Stay tuned....

Kim Weston - Nude & Cello

Buy yours now! 

Retiring 2001-2009 POM's : 8x10, 4x5, 5x7 Contact Photographs 

Kim Weston - Retiring 8x10 Contact Photographs

On January 1, 2014, we will be retiring the 8x10 contact photographs from the 2001, 2002, 2003 POM Portfolios. The 4x5 contact platinum photographs from the POM Portfolios, 2004 and 2005. The 8x10 contact photographs from the 2006 POM Portfolio. The 5x7 contact photographs from the 2007 POM Portfolio. And the 8x10 contact photographs from the 2008 & 2009 POM Portfolios.

The complete portfolio's (12 photographs) will still be available for a limited time. Larger sizes - 11x14 and 16x20 are still available for purchase by order.

Why are we retiring them? We want to focus on Kim's newest work. Retiring these 8x10 contact prints will also increase the value of the ones that are already in your collections.

The 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 POM Portfolios will also increase in price, along with all of Kim's photographs and will still be available in all sizes until their original edition runs out.

Perfect timing to buy yourself or a loved one a Christmas gift! 

For the next couple of weeks all photographs are available for purchase on the website and from our private home gallery. Our website will be going through a major upgrade beginning the first of the year, January 2014. There will be some big changes so keep checking back to see what we have to offer! 

Thank you for a marvelous 2013!

2013 was a very successful year for Weston Photography Workshops. Thank you all for joining us and sharing your passion of photographing the nude with us.

Our first Wildcat Studio Nude will be on first weekend of April 4-6, 2014. Please save the date. This year I will be using the program EventBrite for all of my workshop registrations. I am finding I need help with my office duties and this will help me streamline some of my work. It will also make it easier to send out my thank you emails and testimonial requests. Still working on the other dates, will get them posted soon.

2013 POM Portfolio

"Pending Storm" is the last POM for this years Portfolio. We hope you enjoy it! Kim felt he made some of his best images this year at the Nude in Landscape Workshop at the YL Boyer Ranch in June. He wants to go back. Maybe you can join him!

With gratitude we thank you all.

Thank you to all of our COLLECTORS!! We appreciate you so much!

Thank you to all of our workshop attendees for coming to Wildcat Hill, Big Sur, Wyoming, Finland and Paris, France!!! We appreciate your business and have become very fond of you all.

Thanks to all of our new and regular customers that came to stay in Bodie House this year! We had such a great year!

Special thanks to our good friends : Larva, Sara, and Gwen - we wouldn't be so successful without you girls! We love and appreciate your commitment to your passion. 

Thank you to Roman Loranc, Mark Comon of Pauls PhotoCody Edison, Sang K Jun, Arts and Science Gallery, Christa Meola and Tara Evans.

Thank you to my dear and loving friend Nadereh Liaghati, you have taught me so much and are such a generous soul. And my special group of 8. Love you all.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a super Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing you in the near future!!

Love Gina, Kim and Zach Weston