What do I get when I sign up for the POM Club?

  1. A limited edition 8x10 silver gelatin photograph, signed by Kim Weston, delivered to your door every month.

  2. A specially designed portfolio box to house your prints.

How much does it cost?

Monthly: $340 (includes shipping and the cost of the portfolio box, excludes CA sales tax)
$390 (For international members - includes shipping and the cost of the portfolio box)

One time charge: $4,080 (includes shipping cost and a portfolio box - international shipping, add additional $100, excludes CA sales tax)

Can I buy the Print of the Month if I'm not part of the POM Club?

Of course! The Print of the Month is available for $363.25 (includes shipping and California sales tax) International $385.00.

What is the benefit of buying these prints as POM's versus regular prints?

Prints of the Month are $500 less than regular priced 8x10 prints which are usually $800. 

Does the cost of the POM increase with your regular pricing system?

The print of the month is $300 for the entire month, no matter how many sell; however, once the month is over, the print will be priced according to our regular pricing system.

Example 1: In October, 15 prints of the month are sold for $300. On November 1st, the price of October's POM will increase to $1,200 because it is now considered a level 2 print. 

Example 2: In April, 9 prints of the month are sold for $300. On May 1st, the price will increase to the normal level 1 price of $800.