Now Open for Registration! 2018 Weston Nude Photography Workshops on Wildcat Hill


April 6-8, 2018

During this three day workshop, photographers will have the opportunity to work with Kim Weston and three world-class models. Read more about Monique and Sekaa below and stay tuned to find out who will make the pair a trio come April!



"I am here to create art, in every sense of the word. I use my movement to express, and aim to bring a given project's vision to life. Through expressing some of what I hold inside, I want to bring you closer with the love, beauty, pain, destruction, and rebirth we all constantly endure through various mediums and in several magnitudes." Photo by Scott Worldwide



"I am perpetually inspired by nature; both its humble subtleties and its drama. I am driven by an instinctual desire to create and express through every aspect of my being. I currently make my living as a visual muse, but I am also a passionate writer and performer, who enjoys learning to take and make her own imagery." Photo courtesy of Monique's official website (linked below).

More About the Models

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September 7-9, 2018

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The Property: Edward Weston's Wildcat Hill

Wildcat Hill is located on California's infamous Highway 1 between the charming coastal village, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Big Sur, known for its seaside cliffs and views of the often-misty coastline. For more than seventy years, photographers, artists, writers, poets, and their admirers have come to Wildcat Hill. Names like Ansel Adams, Ruth Bernhardt, Imogen Cunningham, Minor White, and Beaumont Newhall have admired its beauty and connection to the Weston family for nearly a century. 

Weston Workshop participants are invited to photograph in multiple areas on the property including Kim Weston's studio, Bodie House, and the main house where Edward lived with his last wife, Charis Wilson. Participants may also photograph outdoors as weather permits.


Professional art Models

The professional fine-art models at Wildcat Nude Photography Workshops are respected colleagues with whom Kim and Gina have worked for many years. The photographer to model ratio in each group is 3:1 allowing for maximum time, privacy, and freedom in each location.

Kim and Gina greatly value the relationships they have maintained with their models and will cover the importance of mutually respectful interactions to all workshop participants. 

"Transition of Light" by Kim Weston

"Transition of Light" by Kim Weston

Instruction and Critiques

Kim Weston will be your private instructor during this workshop and will work with each photographer in the group on things like lighting, composition, working with models, developing one's voice as an artist, and much more. In addition, we will hold an anonymous critique of each photographer's work from the first day's shoot in which Kim will offer feedback before you head into your second session of the weekend. You will also be given the opportunity to show your past work on the first night of the workshop; though it is not required, we highly encourage our students to prepare a collection of their favorite images to give us a better idea of their photographic style.


 Meet the Instructor: Kim Weston


Kim Weston is a third-generation fine art photographer from one of the most influential and creative families in American history. His recognition as a singularly creative artist and photographer continues a family legacy that traces its roots back to his grandfather Edward Weston, his uncle Brett, and his father Cole.

In a career spanning four decades, Kim has come to be recognized in his own right as one of the most insightful and accomplished practitioners of figurative/nude photography, producing an extensive and masterful portfolio of work that draws deeply, yet expands upon the traditions and canon of the nude in classical and modern European art.